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“Every exhibition is unique”. So, every concept is original and tailor-made to fit that exhibition” We still manage to deliver cost-effective work to our clients, thanks to our in-house solutions. With the constant introduction of new trends, and with the integrated business solutions we provide, we strive to provide our clients with the best service they can except.Read More...

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Unique perspective.

No! We don’t jump into money without taking into account the quality. Quality is something we work upon and try to deliver the most premium of it. Building an image based on quality is what we prefer.

With an experience of years in the capital city and other metropolitan cities our veteran exhibition team has come out with wonders so far! Many companies have vested their interest with us and joined hands over the years, thankfully we’ve never let them down and they’re ever delighted with our management and execution.

We work differently.

With design & conceptual decisions, we create value for the objects.

Our experienced team consists of experts in branding experience, art direction, illustration, and 3D artistry. We meticulously transfer the ideas into design for your final approval, from where our highly experienced production team takes over.
Stall Design Ideas

With a dedicated and full-time exhibition stall designer’s team, HeliosCraft strives its best to offer innovative ideas for exhibition stalls. These experienced and highly skilled designers put their best foot forward and craft best exhibition stall designs unique to your brand. The distinct brand concepts are meticulously converted into creative stall design ideas that help your exhibition stall to become the showstopper. Whether you are looking for a custom exhibition stall design or modular, we can offer you the best-in-class exhibition stall design ideas. At HeliosCraft, you can be rest assured that your brand’s USP is creatively modified into exhibition stalls ideas thereby helping your brand emerge from your competition. By carefully understanding your brand needs, the designers at HeliosCraft adhere to specific show requirements and get the most innovative ideas for exhibition stalls.

Custom Exhibition Stall Design and Build

Our custom built exhibition stall designs combine the creativity of a unique space concept that is aligned to your marketing strategy with customized exhibition stall features. Our complete solutions for exhibition stalls and rich experience helps deliver the right choice of exhibition stall design at the right place, time and a competitive budget. You can be rest assured to have the best show ever. Our in-house team of exhibition stall designer in Delhi understands specific needs of different industries and following a detailed briefing from you will create concepts to cater to your show objective. On finalizing a concept with you, we have a dedicated execution team that is allocated for the exhibition stall project. This team plans and executes the entire exhibition stall from design to bring it to reality in the pre determined time frame. In some cases, we create a scaled model of the exhibition stall to enable you to walk through and make any last minute changes.

Portable & Modular Exhibition Stall

If you are looking for multiple exhibition stalls with zero wastage, you may choose the portable and modular exhibition stalls from HeliosCraft. Here we have a range of high quality and reliable pre engineered systems to cater to your specific requirements to the fullest. Our team of exhibition stall designers in Delhi is trained and especially skilled to use the modular systems and build exhibition stalls that have a customized look and feel but a standardized structure as the backbone. This enables you to reuse the same structure for multiple exhibition stalls by reconfiguring them for different exhibition spaces, thereby reducing your overall expenses per show. Once a stall design for exhibition is made based on a detailed brief from you, a pre show built up is done at our works before printing the graphics. This enables you to walk through the exhibition stall and tweak the design wherever necessary and possible. Once the design is finalized and graphics are printed, the entire exhibition stall is packed in dedicated cases and dispatched to the exhibition ground. Our team of trained experts can build the exhibition stall for you and hand it over at the eve of the show.


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